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Launch of Black Star Word Search

Los Angeles, California — LFTW Games announced today the release of Black Star Word Search, the world’s first and only word search app based on African American history and culture. The app features thousands of word search puzzles and trivia questions with a vast array of topics including film, politics, literature, music, sports, television, science, civil rights, geography and much, much more. The app is free to download and play.

Black Star Word Search offers multiple play options. There are three solo play options including Classic Mode, Chill Mode and Challenge Mode. Each mode requires the player to locate eight hidden words within the puzzle, while varying in the style of play and level of difficulty. The app also offers a Friends and Family Mode, allowing players to connect with and play against family and friends.

Trivia questions serve as a bonus, allowing the player to earn extra time in Classic Mode or determines which player selects the word search topic in Family & Friends Mode. The trivia questions provide an excellent opportunity to have fun and learn something new and interesting about African American history and culture. Since Black culture and history is made daily, the app is updated continuously with fresh new trivia and word search topics.

Black Star Word Search is available for players in the USA and Canada in the Apple App Store. The Android (Google Play) version is coming soon. The Black Star Word Search app was developed by LFTW Games, an African American app development company based in Los Angeles, California.

Please feel free to reach out to us via email ( if you would like more information about Black Star Word Search or LFTW Games.

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