About Black Star Word Search

Why are there so many ads?

The Black Star Word Search App is free to download and play. The only way we are able to develop and offer the app free of charge is via the support of advertisers.

How can I block a player?

Currently we do not have the functionality to block a player.

However, if you do not wish to connect with a certain player do not accept and do not decline their connection request. This will place them in a 'limbo' status where they will not be able to send you any future requests or see if you are available online.

To 'hide' from players you are already connected with you can select the "Appear Offline" option from the menu. This option will mask your availability status by making you appear offline even when you are online playing.

I want to play a match, but how can I tell if my friend or family member is online?

On the 'Friends' tab there is a colored ring around each avatar. The colors specify the status of the player: Red means the player is offline and therefore unavailable, Yellow means the player is online, but is busy playing another match (also unavailable) and Green means the player is online and available to invite to a match.

The app states my username is reserved - what does that mean?

Usernames such as "michelleobama" or "beyonce" are reserved. Unless you are actually the Forever FLOTUS Michelle Obama or the International Icon Queen Bey you cannot play under those usernames. If you are a celebrity or otherwise notable person you can begin the process of claiming your reserved username here.

Other usernames such as "sojournertruth", "malcolmx", "harriettubman" or "muhammadali" are unavailable. This is done out of respect for these individual's sacrifices, achievements and contributions to African American history and culture. If your desired username is the same as one of these reserved usernames you will have to select a different name.

How many trivia questions and word search puzzles does the app contain?

The app currently contains thousands of trivia questions and word search puzzles. Also, since Black history and culture is made daily, we continously add new trivia and puzzles to our database.

Why does the app say my username contains offensive language?

We make every effort to keep Black Star Word Search free from racist, sexist, homophobic and other hateful content. This means we must restrict certain words and word combinations from use as player usernames.

Who created Black Star Word Search?

The Black Star Word Search app was created by LFTW Games Inc., an African American owned app development company based in Los Angeles, CA. Click here to learn more about LFTW Games.

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