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Black Star Word Search has 3 unique solo game modes: Classic Mode, Chill Mode and Challenge Mode. In each game mode, players must locate all 8 words to win the word search puzzle.

Classic Mode

In Classic Mode, the player is given a trivia question before the initial word search puzzle. By correctly answering the trivia question the player earns additional time (15 seconds). Classic Mode has 5 different levels based on the number of puzzles the player solves consecutively. The higher the level, the less time allotted to complete each puzzle. If a player fails to successfully complete a word search puzzle in time they are returned to back to Level 1.

If a player elects to replay a puzzle they will not be provided with a trivia question. Thus when replaying a game there is no opportunity to earn extra time.

Hidden within the puzzle topics are special "Black Star" word search puzzles. If a player successfully answers the trivia question and completes the word search puzzle in time, the player will be awarded a Black Star. If a player earns all five of a category's Black Stars they achieve Expert status for that category.

Chill Mode

Chill Mode does not include a trivia question or countdown timer. Players can be super-chill and take as much time as they need to locate all 8 words in the puzzle.

Players cannot earn Black Stars in Chill Mode.

Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode is Black Star Word Search's most difficult mode. In Challenge Mode, players are given one word at a time to locate in the word search puzzle. Once a player locates a word, the next word is displayed and additional time is added to the countdown timer. This process is repeated until the 8th and final word has been located. Similar to Classic Mode, players rise to different levels based on the number of consecutive puzzles they have successfully solved. As the levels increase, the time provided to solve each puzzle decreases.

Challenge Mode has no trivia questions or opportunities to win Black Stars.

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