Play With Friends Mode Black Star Word Search Black Star Word Search Play With Friends & Family

Black Star Word Search's Play With Friends Mode allows players to play games with their family and friends across the USA and Canada. These matches are not timed, the first player to locate all 8 words wins the match.

The Basics

The first step is to make sure your family and friends have downloaded the app! Please note, Black Star Word Search is currently only available on the Apple App Store (available for iPhones and iPads). Your friends and family can download the app here or you can send them an invite to download directly from your app.

Also, to connect with family and friends the player must also be logged into the app and connected to the internet.

Black Star Word Search Play With Friends Map

Player's Connect

In order for a player to play games with their family and/or friends they first must connect with them on the app. Players must use the “Find Friends” section to locate friends or family members. Once located, players can send an invite to connect. If the invite is accepted then the two will now be connected on the app.

Please note players can only search for friends and family members via their usernames. For example, if a player’s favorite cousin's name is 'Rosalyn' but her username is 'badgalroz,' the player will only be able to locate her by searching for badgalroz, not Rosalyn.

Let's Play

To play a match both the player and their potential partner must both have the Black Star Word Search app open and both must be logged in. Players can locate the friends and/or family member they are connected to in the “Friends” section.

If in the Friend’s section the player’s friend or family member's avatar has a green circle around it then that means they are online and available to play. The player can then proceed to tap on the avatar to send them an invite to play a game. The player’s potential partner will have 7 seconds to accept or decline the match. If they accept the will begin immediately.

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